The Benefits of Private Yoga

Many of us practice yoga in the studio with a group or at home in front of the TV or computer. This is such a great way to exercise, connect with a community (if at a studio), and develop a regular practice. But what if you are wanting more? Perhaps you want clarification on alignment or are recovering from an injury. Maybe you are working on a specific pose or need to shift your practice due to being pregnant. In this case, you might consider private yoga.

Whether you are working on a specific pose or generally wanting to improve your practice, you'll get lots of attention from your instructor in a private yoga class. Rather than having to monitor and speak to the entire room, the instructor will be able to focus her full attention on your needs. She will be able to cue specific adjustments to make your poses stronger and more stable. Because of the one-on-one setting, you can provide feedback to your instructor to give her a better understand how your body feels in different shapes, allowing her to intelligently develop a sequence to fit your unique needs.

If you enjoy hands-on adjustments, you will get so many more in a private class. Additionally, your instructor can explain why she is making the adjustment, allowing you to feel the modified pose in your body and gain the muscle memory and knowledge of the proper form. These adjustments can also be an extra set of hands to deepen your stretch - and just like a massage, your teacher can adjust the depth of the stretch. Of course, if you do not enjoy adjustments, communicate this with your teacher so that she is aware.

Another benefit of private yoga is just that - the privacy. Your instructor will create a safe, private environment for you. Whether you feel shy because you are new to your practice or expect an emotional release or some kind, you will be in a safe, private environment where you can explore the yoga asanas and/or your emotions at your pace. You will have the freedom to ask questions, to cry, or even to scream as needed.

Private yoga can also be much more convenient. You aren't restricted to the studio's schedule. Instead, you can work with your teacher to create a schedule that works for you, whether it's one class or a regular practice. Also, you can choose a location that is convenient for you. Many teachers will travel to you or even book a room in a studio that is nearby. If yoga is easy to get to and at a time that works, you will be more likely to stick with and enjoy your practice.

There are so many reasons why private yoga is worth the investment. If you've had a private yoga class before, I'd love to hear your experience! Please share below!!

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