Getting Deeper into Reiki

Last weekend, I completed my Reiki level 2 training and received my attunement. I have been a level 1 Reiki practitioner for several months, and after every Reiki session I provide, I am so amazed at the healing power of Reiki. I love listening to feedback from my clients: what sensations they felt during the session, what they saw, how they felt afterwards. And I adore the calm, meditative state that both the client and I access during a Reiki session.

With my new attunement and training, I'm able to send Reiki over a distance and to future and even past events. I have better techniques for cutting cords from relationships that no longer serve one and working with charkas, among other things. I also have a fancy new pendulum that I can use during sessions to guide my hands.

But the most amazing part of my training was when we gave Reiki to each other. I have been struggling with a rash for most of the summer, and was particularly down about it on that day. As our instructor and other students were laying their hands on me, my skin started to feel a little cooler and less itchy (and it turns out the rash had settled down after the treatment). Mentally, I found myself letting go of my frustration with the rash and the process of figuring out its cause. I accepted that I would eventually find the root cause and that the rash would clear for good. And that in the meantime, I had the resources to deal with being so uncomfortable.

This is probably one of the most beautiful things about Reiki: It can be used to heal you physically, but it can also heal you in so many other unexpected ways. And, incredibly, when I offer a Reiki session to a client, that loving Reiki energy flows through me, healing me almost as a side effect, as I intentionally heal someone else. As a practitioner, I get to connect with a variety of people and help them on their path to healing. I'm not giving them my energy, rather I act as a channel which receives and also transfers the healing energy to them via my hands. Amazing!

If you'd like to learn more about Reiki or to schedule a session, please reach out - there are Contact Me forms at the bottom of my home page and my Reiki page. I'm hoping to continue on my Reiki journey and eventually have the skills to train and attune new Reiki practitioners - stay tuned!

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