Rediscovering Reiki

The first time I experienced Reiki was after a close friend had received her training and attunement. She explained the concept of Reiki and gave me a one-hour Reiki session. At the time, I felt a little energy moving but not much else. It was an interesting experience, but I didn't think much about it afterwards. Since then, I have received a few additional Reiki treatments from friends when I was dealing with loss in my family. I really appreciated their loving care and attention, but again didn't really connect with the Reiki.

Recently, Stacy, the manager of one of my yoga studios (Elevate Yoga) shared a Reiki training opportunity, and I felt drawn to it. I really trust Stacy, enjoy working with her, and was curious to learn more about Reiki. So I joined six other amazing souls on my Reiki Level 1 certification and attunement journey.

The training was insightful. We learned about the history of Reiki, concepts surrounding the practice, the neuroscience that backs it up, and how to use Reiki to heal ourselves and others. But for me, the real power came from the attunement. This attunement aligns Reiki energy with your own so that you can channel it for healing. I have never felt energy in my body like I did during and after my attunement. And I found that the more I visualized the energy, the more vividly I felt it. I was quickly converted to a believer and am really investing time in harnessing this energy and learning how to use it.

I will be offering 60-minute Reiki sessions at Yoga Pod Lowry's wellness room when they open in late May. I also offer Reiki from my downtown Denver condo, or I can come to you. If you are interested in learning more about this ancient healing technique or scheduling an appointment, please contact me!

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