I Freaking Love PodFIT

After teaching a PodFIT class, I often get comments on how much fun I

was having. My huge smile during these classes is genuine: I freaking love teaching this style of class. I love the energy, teaching to the beat, and watching my students move as one. Here are some of my favorite things about teaching this format:

The Playlist: I love music and enjoy designing playlists. PodFIT allows me to play more uptempo and fun music, which means I'm listening to some of my favorite songs while teaching. If it seems like I'm dancing around the room a bit, it's true - and I encourage you to do the same!

The Cardio: I was a runner before I was a yogi, and I still love cardio. You get to jump around, you get to be goofy, and you'll probably get a high five afterwards. I also love being able to offer lots of options so that my students can choose the level of activity that's suitable for their bodies that day.

My Students: Yes! You guys!! I have such fun students in my PodFIT class. I love walking into a class where students are chatting and introducing themselves to each other. We laugh a lot in class, and it's so much fun watching people add their own flair to the moves. I design a challenging workout and am so impressed when my students dig deep and push to finish. It's also so gratifying to observe my students growing stronger and more aware of their bodies.

If I were asked which format was my favorite to teach, I would still hesitate to answer because I love hot yoga, vinyasa, and fitness formats for different reasons. I love the stretch you get from hot yoga as well as the meditative qualities. I love the creativity in designing a vinyasa class. And I feed off the energy of the PodFIT format.

If you haven't attended one of my PodFIT classes, I teach Fridays at Yoga Pod Denver West at 9:15am and 4:30pm. I also teach Aerial Fitness at AIR Denver Wednesdays at noon. This format is similar to PodFIT, but imagine hammocks in place of weights. Come see me: I'd love to share the joy I get from teaching this format with you!!

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