Finding Peace in a Busy World

If you're like me, you maintain a busy schedule between work, hobbies, family, and social life. We give so much of our time and energy that life can be draining. It can be difficult to balance everything and to find joy in the process. So how do you replenish yourself so that you are fully you and completely capable of handling the crazy?

I find that taking regular time for self-care is vital to being my best self and serving others. What the self-care looks like may change over time, but I find that if I don't recharge my batteries frequently, I begin to burn out. For me, burn out might mean being too exhausted to get together with my friends who I love. Or skipping my favorite yoga class because I'm sick or sore from practicing. Or bickering with my husband or family because my mind is tired. Obviously, none of these reactions are my best self, or really even me. But it's good to acknowledge the signs of burn out so that I can pull myself out and get back to enjoying life. What are your warning signs for burn out?

Currently, my favorite method of self-care is taking a yin yoga class. Fortunately, a yin class follows one of my weekly hot yoga classes; so unless there's an emergency, I get a weekly dose of yin. I take baths every so often to relax my sore muscles and mind. I also find a little recharge by getting lost in a book, playing music with my husband, and snuggling with my dog. Of course a trip to the beach is always a great way to recharge, but a little less convenient.

I find that after I've done a little something for myself, I feel different. My mind is more clear and focused. I feel less anxiety and more peace. And I rediscover the joy in doing the things that are important to me: teaching yoga, spending time with family and friends, spreading kindness. I also don't mind traffic quite as much!

I invite you, this week, to plan an hour for self-care. This can be any kind you want, but put it on your schedule and protect that time. I'd love to hear how you feel after you've spent a little time on you!

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