Master Your Meditation

Meditation can can be such a difficult habit to acquire. In the busyness of today's fast-

paced world, finding the time to sit in silence can near impossible unless you've set yourself up for success. However, I have found that meditation leaves me with a blank(er) slate from which to start my day.

Here are some things I have found useful in kick-starting and maintaining my meditation practice.

  • Schedule your meditation into your day. I find that if I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier, I can knock out a quick session before my day - and my distractions - begin.

  • If you are new to meditation or are getting bored, mix it up. There are plenty of audio recordings, apps, classes, and books to help guide your meditation. Try different things to see what works and change it every so often to keep your practice fresh.

  • Try to find a quiet, comfortable location to meditate. Because I sit first thing in the morning, I'm typically up before anyone else in the house. If my husband happens to be up, he knows to keep it quiet until I'm finished meditating. You can take an easy seat (maybe on a blanket, block, or cushion) or lie on your back for your meditation. Get comfy, but not so much that you risk falling asleep.

  • Know that your mind will wander and try not to get frustrated. Instead, realize that the magic happens when you catch your mind wandering and lead it back to your breath, mantra, or other meditative focus point.

  • If you get fidgety, try a few simple stretches or even a gentle yoga sequence to settle in. Yoga was first created to help extend the amount of time one can meditate, so strike a pose or two to settle your mind before you begin.

I once read that meditation can be compared to cleaning your mind. You wouldn't want to drink from a dirty glass, so why solve problems and face your day with a messy mind? I hope these tips and tricks help you to begin or stick to your meditation practice, and keep a tidy mind!

I'd love to hear back! Please share any tricks that have helped you maintain your meditation practice.

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