Understanding the Ajna Chakra

Have you ever felt stuck in the daily grind of your life, not able to look past your immediate problems to the bigger picture? Have you lost sight of your goals and values? It's possible that your third eye (ajna) chakra has come out of balance.

The third eye chakra is the sixth of a system of chakras that run up the spine. It is located in the middle of your forehead, between your eyebrows and is associated with your pineal gland, which regulates your biological rhythms such as the sleep/wake cycle. All chakras are associated with functions of the body, and the ajna chakra is related to vision, intuition, wisdom, and even psychic abilities. When your third eye chakra is balanced, you become more in-tune with yourself and the world, more perceptive to changes.

When your third eye comes out of balance, you might notice a headache or blurred vision. Your life or work may lack clarity, and you may have difficult setting goals. Memory and ability to learn might also be impacted. An overactive third eye chakra might cause one to indulge in fantasies or even see fantasy as reality.

There are several ways to balance your third eye chakra. You can surround yourself in the color of the chakra (indigo) and bring your focus to your third eye area. Strengthen this by adding scents such as frankincense, rosemary, or sandalwood. You can also choose to each purple foods such as eggplant, plums, and beets. Other foods that help strengthen this chakra include foods high in Omega-3s: nuts, oils, fish, etc.

There are also meditations you can do to balance your third eye, with my favorite being a color meditation. You can also breathe through yoga poses such as childs pose, eagle, and forearm plank, bringing your focus to your third eye space.

Please, engage in the conversation! How have you balanced your third eye? What types of intuition have you experienced once it came into balance?

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