Feeling Stuck? It Could Be Your Third Chakra

I've recently been studying the chakra system, a system of energy nodes throughout the body. These nodes are situated along the spine and must be balanced in order from the lowest chakra to the highest, at the crown of the head. Balancing your chakras can lead to a full, healthy life. In case you missed them, I've also written blogs and the first and second chakra. You can find them in my blog page.

The third "manipura" chakra is associated with our personality and identity. It is the center of willpower and ego. The energy of the third chakra can transform inertia to action and movement. However, a third chakra that goes out of balance can either lead to inertia in life, or overactivity and stress.

So if you are feeling a little stuck in life, you might consider to balancing your third chakra. There are many ways to balance a chakra. For example, breathe through yoga poses such as Warrior 1 and Bow to bolster your confidence. Use essential oils such as bergamot or ginger to gain energy. You can also light candles or sit by a fire to soothe this chakra.

If you are still overcome with inertia, try getting your heart beating with a walk or jog. Put pen to paper and draft a plan to change an area in your life where you feel sluggish - and then get started.

The hard part is overcoming the inertia and taking action. You'll find that once you get moving, your confidence and sense of self will improve, further strengthening your third chakra.

I'd love to hear back: how have you noticed an imbalance in your third chakra, and what have you done to address it?

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