My Second Chakra: A Short Story

About a month back, I shared my story about my struggles with an unbalanced root chakra. The chakras are energy nodes in the body. The seven chakras are located along the spine and must be addressed in order, from bottom to top. Each chakra has different characteristics.

The second or sacral chakra is called the Svadhishthana chakra. This chakra is located below the belly button and is associated with emotion, desire, and sexuality. If your sacral chakra becomes unbalanced, you might notice swinging emotions, lethargy, mild depression, and a either a lack of sexual desire or obsession.

As relayed in my previous story, when I was in the grips of my eating disorder, my first chakra was so unbalanced that I wasn't even able to consider addressing my first chakra. Since I was not meeting my basic nutritional needs, I was too exhausted to enjoy hobbies or a social life and even began distancing myself from my husband.

As I recovered from my eating disorder, I was able to get my second chakra back under control. I went to therapy and also went to a massage therapist who specialized in eating disorders. The first helped me work through any outstanding issues, and the second got me used to being touched again. It took some time, but I'm happy to say that my husband and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary this May and are going strong!

I'd love to hear your stories: how have you brought your second chakra back in balance? What experiences do you have with it out of balance?

Thanks for reading! I'm open to comments so please let me know if you'd like to make a request for a special topic!

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