The Root Chakra: My Story

Have you ever noticed a sudden increase or decrease in weight? A cold or other sickness you couldn't get rid of? How about anxiety about how you will pay your bills? An irrational sense of fear for your safety? If you have experienced any of these issues, it might be caused by your root chakra being out of balance.

The chakras are a system of energetic nodes in the body needs to stay in balance in order to keep you mentally and physically healthy. The chakras have a hierarchy or order, starting at the chakra located physically lowest in the body: the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. Each chakra must be balanced before a higher level chakra can be addressed.

As we were discussing the chakras, I began to realize that my most basic chakra, the muladhara (root) chakra had become severely unbalanced several years ago, and the impacts were quite real. The root chakra is all about grounding, safety, and security. When it goes out of balance, you might feel unsafe, experience financial anxiety, grow ill, or lose control of your weight.

As my root chakra lost its balance, I started losing weight. The less in control and stable I felt in life, the faster the weight dropped, until I found myself in treatment for an eating disorder.

Because my root chakra was out of wack, I wasn't able to even consider any higher level chakras to address things such as social needs. This manifested in me starting to withdraw from social activities and hobbies because they started to require too much energy.

Through treatment and recovery, I have rebalanced my root chakra and am now able focus on higher chakras for the most case. However, it slides out of balance from time to time. I am so grateful that I understand how this manifests in my case so that I can address it before it becomes a major problem again.

Please share your stories and thoughts about the root chakra!

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