The Meditation Game

I found meditation around the same time I started practicing yoga. I enjoyed clearing my mind before and after my yoga practices but wasn't yet motivated to start a regular practice. But, all that it took was an overnight trip to Shoshoni, my favorite local ashram, to make me more curious and serious about meditation. I currently meditate 15 minutes a day and have found that my daily practice has given me patience, focus, and a tool set with which to calmly respond to issues that arise as I navigate my day.

The most useful tip I've used to stick to my practice is to schedule it into my day. Meditation is the first thing I do after getting up, so if I need to be out the door at 6am, I'll schedule my alarm 20 minutes earlier to allow time to set up and meditate without feeling rushed. Morning time is when I'm at my best and when the house is quiet, so it works for me. You might find that afternoon or evening works best with your lifestyle.

I have used apps and have meditated in silence. I'm currently using the Headspace app but plan switch back to self-guided after my subscription expires. I find that it's nice to switch it up every so often to prevent getting stuck in a routine.

My final tip is to stick with it and be patient with yourself. Some days will go great while others might present a struggle just to stay seated and still. Remember that the magic happens when you catch yourself drifting and refocus your mind on your breath. Inhale, exhale, and repeat!

Please, join the conversation: what are your thoughts about meditation?

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