Why I am Taking the Leap

Today, I work for an IT Strategy Consulting firm. It's a pretty fun job: I get to work with a variety of organizations to solve all kinds of problems. I love the people that I work with and enjoy working remotely when I'm not at a client site. And the money's great.

Although I am financially and intellectually fulfilled at my current job, something has been missing. And as I embarked on my recent yoga teacher training journey, I came to realize that I have the opportunity to make a bigger personal impact on this wounded world of ours. So I have decided to take a break from my full time job and accept a part time position at the Eating Disorder Foundation (EDF), a non-profit that provides free services to people recording from eating disorders.

Many factors went into this decision. First, I had been considering moving to part time work so that I could focus on teaching yoga since I started teaching hot yoga at Yoga Pod LoDo. I'm not exactly sure what it is about teaching yoga, but I love making personal connections with students, challenging them, and watching them progress in their practice. Many students mention how great they feel after class, and I completely agree. No matter how I feel before class begins, I always leave the studio with a giant smile on my face, grateful to my students for sharing their practice and energy with me. My teacher training at Kindness has only strengthened my love for teaching and practicing yoga. Although I was busy spending 20 hours a week in teacher training on top of my full time job, I found myself watching my email like a hawk, hungry for opportunities to sub yoga and practice what I've been learning.

Secondly, I discovered EDF after several years of looking for a non-profit to support. I personally have been in recovery from an eating disorder for several years. When I left treatment in Missouri, I had a strong network of support that included a therapist, nutritionist, my amazing husband, friends, and family. I have worked very hard to maintain my weight and stay healthy. But I was often on my own through recovery. My support network was wonderful, but none of them really understood my situation and struggles. Had I lived in Colorado, I'm sure I would have been referred to EDF after treatment, which would have provided me with free drop-in and group therapy, a safe place to eat meals, and even a mentor who was strong in his or her path to recovery. Although I was not able to take advantage of these services during my early recovery period, I am so grateful that they are available for people in the Denver area who are looking for help.

I have been involved with EDF as a volunteer mentor and receptionist. Over that time, I have developed cherished friendships with the staff, other volunteers, and people use their services and have only fallen more in love with the organization. So when their Executive Director, Toni, sat me down and offered me a part-time job at EDF, it stopped me in my tracks. Could this be my opportunity to work part time and build my yoga career? Am I brave enough to take the leap?

I've decided that yes, it is...and yes, I am. I've thought long and hard about this, and I've requested advice from friends and family. The timing feels right, and it almost seems as if the universe is telling me to try this out. So I've accepted the part time gig at EDF and gave notice to my IT Consulting Firm. I am super nervous about this new venture, but I am even more excited about the opportunity to really change lives and inspire others.

To those of you who have (and will) support me on my way, thank you! And to those of you that I will come across in this new chapter in my life, I cannot wait to meet you! Let's do this thing!!

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