Private Yoga

Vinyasa / Prenatal

Are you...

Recovering from an injury?

Stressed out, depressed, or anxious?

Interested in deepening your yoga practice?

New to yoga and/or curious about it?

Dealing with emotional stress or trauma?

Not interested in practicing with a group?

OR pregnant and...

Interested in self care?

Looking for a safe way to exercise?

Wanting to connect with baby in a different way?

Looking for tools to help with the birth process?

If so...

Private yoga might be a great option for you! 

I offer 60 and 90-minute private and small group yoga. Once you share your goals with me, I will create a customized plan to address your needs. You can schedule a single session or regular recurring sessions for an even more powerful experience. The results you'll see are priceless: yoga can change your life!

Contact me for details and to schedule your first session.